Gain clarity on the financial impact of your divorce options

Your divorce is the largest financial transaction you will make in your life. The decisions that you make regarding how you split up your assets and handle future income will have life-long ramifications. 

You only have one chance to get it right. You need to understand your financial options and the impacts of those options (today and in the future) to make decisions confidently.


I understand the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and yearning for clarity that you are feeling because I've been through the trauma of divorce myself (read more about my personal divorce experience via the link). At the time of my divorce, I leveraged my extensive experience in financial analysis and forecasting to guide my decisions and craft a financial exit plan to support myself and my babies post-divorce. Today, I help people just like you avoid costly mistakes and make financially informed decisions in divorce.

I will support you along your divorce journey and help guide you to the most successful outcome for you and your family. We will build a financial vision together, I will conduct your financial analysis, I will walk you through your tailored settlement options, and I will educate you on the short and long term implications of each option. I will focus on optimizing the financial aspects of your divorce so that your attorney can focus on securing the legal aspects of it.

Elina Cannon, CDFA, CFA

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Marriage is about love.
Divorce is about money.

Elina Cannon, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Chartered Financial Analyst®, can help individuals (or couples) with:

  • Property identification and valuation (including pension valuation)

  • Separate property tracing

  • Property division strategies

  • Tax implications

  • Future net income and net worth projections

  • Income & expense analysis

  • Spousal support (need and ability to pay assessment)

  • Child support calculation

  • Insurance need assessment

  • Post-divorce budget planning

  • Post-settlement execution

Elina can help other divorce professionals by serving as a(n):

  • Financial advisor to attorneys/mediators

  • Expert witness in a litigation case